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Deborah, Richard, and all others interested ... Here's the scoop on the
ITOAMC list.
About this time last year Carol (our NACO specialist) saw something
about the list but couldn't find a link online.  So she wrote to Peter
Goodman, NUCMC Cataloger at LC.  He explained that the ITOAMC terms are
kept in an Excel spreadsheet and that "new terms were added about once
every two years."  In an attachment he sent her a copy of the
spreadsheet as it appeared last October and that it what we have been
Peter Goodman's email address is pgoo at loc.gov if anyone else wants to
ask for a copy or to encourage NUCMC to make them available online ...

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itoamc is listed: "Index terms for occupations in archival and
manuscript collections (Washington, DC: Library of Congress, Manuscript
Division)", but there's no link to it. Ditto at


Question for Doris O'Keefe: What resource do you use for obtaining
itoamc terms?

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On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 9:36 AM, Margaret F. Nichols <mnr1 at cornell.edu>

	I've poked around a bit concerning this question just now, and
in Columbia's cataloging documentation it says that ITOAMC is maintained
locally by LC's Manuscripts Division. So I've e-mailed Mary Lacy (who
works there) to ask her whether it's still maintained or not.


	Oops, just got an automated reply that LC is closed because of
the government shutdown. Duh, and darn. We may have to wait awhile for
an answer.


	To: DCRM Users' Group
	Subject: Re: [DCRM-L] itoamc



	I certainly hope not since we've been using it as our chief
controlled vocabulary for occupations in NARs. But I'd be interested in
a definitive answer too.


	Doris O'Keefe  

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